What happens if you stop letting algorithms suggest the content that kids watch?

Content algorithms are useful. They’re great at surfacing and perpetuating trends that kids love (slime-making, TikTok compilations, Gacha clips) but they also lead to copy-cat content, and repetition. They enable keyword-stuffing and rabbit holes of cobbled-together content; or in TechCrunch’s words, an “aimless slurry of endlessly repurposed permutations of pilfered content.” 

Often users know exactly what they want; sometimes they have no idea. This is often true for adult content consumption but always true for kids.  

Allowing an algorithm to determine the success or failure of a piece of content on your platform incentivises content creators to abandon their own creativity and style to target clicks. From a platform’s perspective algorithms might lead to longer dwell times and larger quantities of videos consumed, but they can also lead to boring (or just plain weird) content.

Content consumption trends are important, but they’re not everything, and we’re aiming to keep our content diverse and fresh by striking a balance. The dedicated editorial team at Rukkaz will be watching the content and picking the best themselves. We’ll allow algorithms to surface the content that audiences are responding to, but also content that we think will inspire and excite them. Our editors will be a visible part of the Rukkaz community. 

Ultimately we want to be clear about what we expect from our content creators. That way, whether the content takes the form of gaming videos, vlogs about routines, or clips of funny animals, everyone involved has the same understanding of what is entertaining (and rewarded accordingly).

Investing in curation has all kinds of benefits for a family video ecosystem. It benefits users by exposing them to new content. It benefits creators by allowing them to try out new formats without worrying that they’re forsaking views. And, ultimately, we believe it will result in a healthier community. 

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