Designing a video platform for family content creators

What would happen if we built a kids video platform actually designed for family creators, responsible advertisers and kids? About six months ago we started developing Rukkaz, a video platform designed specifically for the needs of family content creators and their 7-12 year old audience, in order to find out.

Patrick Frater in Variety has an excellent story about what we’re doing and there’s some more commentary on the SuperAwesome blog. We’ve set up a dedicated Rukkaz blog to talk about some of the design, development, and content thinking around what we’re building. You could call it the philosophy of kids AVOD.

Would it surprise you to learn that YouTube was originally designed in 2005? In 2005 children barely registered as an online audience (or YouTube viewers). Today they’re over 40% of all new internet users. YouTube would look very different if it was founded today. While the company has done some good work with YouTube Kids, one of the biggest challenges for the app is that data shows it fundamentally doesn’t appeal beyond a pre-school audience. 

YouTube Kids usage drops dramatically for US children above 6 years. Kids Insights research.

Rukkaz is absolutely not trying to displace YouTube. YouTube will (for better or worse) continue to have a major role in the video ecosystem. Instead we’re building an additional platform for the next generation of content creators and their audience, which is significantly younger than anything we’ve seen before. 

If you’re a content creator, you should think of Rukkaz as a tool to engage with your young audience and a place for responsible monetization.

It’s easy to define Rukkaz as ‘everything YouTube isn’t’. That isn’t fair (or accurate). But we do stand for a number of things:

Designed for kids and family content creators

Rukkaz is built on the assumption that kids will be using the platform. Everything is built with kidtech infrastructure, meaning both data privacy and responsibility by design. 

Built with safe community and engagement at its core 

All creators want to build a relationship with their audience. YouTube has had no choice but to turn off community engagement for kids creators and their audiences. Rukkaz is built with safe community as a first principle.

A clear (and deliberate) editorial philosophy

We believe that content algorithms should have adult supervision. Surfacing new content is important, but not as important as surfacing appropriate content. We have human editors at work.

Safe, transparent monetization

For sustainable children’s content, creators need sustainable monetization. This means kid-safe ads, delivered by appropriate technology (kidtech) which ensures an appropriate balance for the community.

Rukkaz will be in open development (essentially open beta) for the next few months as we listen to the needs of our ecosystem. We’re already working with almost 100 creators so if you’d like to know more, please get in touch